Adult Disability Day Service

At The Adult Disability Day Service we are very interested in partaking in a Community projects when we can, so when the opportunity arose to paint one of the golden Guernsey goats, we felt it would be a great project to engage in and get our service users involved in. 

At the day service we support adults with learning disabilities to participate in community activities, jobs and to learn life skills, so having this opportunity to paint a goat has been brilliant and we hope it will raise the awareness of our service and make us feel even more part of the community.

Harriet Andrews

Hi, I am Harriet Andrews, I am nearly 12 and I have autism.

I absolutely love studio Ghibli films, collecting crystals and JELLYCATs.

I enjoy listening to Arctic Monkeys, Lana Del Ray and the sound of the rain.

My passion are my cats and drinking coffee.

I want to create a groovy puffin that shows being different is cool. I am looking forward to taking pictures of my finished puffin and sharing them.

The Aztec Group

Since this initiative was introduced to the island, The Aztec Group, have admired the various creations dotted around our beautiful island raising vital funds for such a worthy cause.

The Aztec Group, have in the past sponsored an entry, but this year we’re excited to take the decoration of Purvis in house.

Our Guernsey workforce besides working in finance, also have very ‘bright’ and creative folk to help with our creation.

The colour scheme and geometric shapes reflect the Group’s colour palette and logo.

Bailiwick Belles

Bailiwick Belles WI is a brand new WI group that was set up in November 2021.

The new Committee is finding it’s feet and busy planning lots of events and activities for the members. We meet every month and so far have around 40 members. 

Being selected as artists for the Puffin Parade would be a great experience for our members.

Blancheland College Art Department

Blanchelande College Art Department is delighted to be painting a puffin in support of Autism Guernsey and the GSPCA. The Year 10 GCSE Art students are going to be the creative team behind the design and decoration but the whole school is also getting involved by naming our bird and submitting ideas for feather designs. We are really excited to be involved in this project which will give the students a chance to collaborate and extend their creative skills.

So far Mr. Strappini has given the puffin a shower, then two layers of undercoat paint and now the designing can begin!

Chelsie Blondel and Justeen Melbourne

Chelsie and Justeen were asked to paint a puffin by Mim, the owner of Mim’s Kiosk and the sponsor of ‘Popsy’ the puffin.

Best friends Chelsie and Justeen have previously helped Mim by painting colourful rocks for the island view treasure hunt held at the bathing pools in 2019.

Both Chelsie and Justeen love to be creative and are always looking to try something new, so when Mim asked them to paint ‘Popsy’ they jumped at the chance.

Popsy will be bright and colourful, taking inspiration from the kiosk and Mim’s love for the colour purple.

Willow Brock

My name is Willow Brock, I’m a student at the Guernsey College of further education. I was diagnosed with ASD about a year ago, and have always kind of had a creative streak in me and my working.

I mainly do pencil sketching and whenever I paint I normally end up doing a mashup of instruments, that’s because I also have synesthesia, which means I see colours when I listen to music, so it helps with making music or painting if I have the other in the background.

I am painting a puffin because I feel it would be good for myself to express my various mental differences in a more public way, allowing people who don’t have them to see how my brain sees the same world. 

James Colmer

James is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer with a healthy obsession with the sea and it’s inhabitants. All of which is very much reflected in the art he creates. 

He loves making art to enhance the community and turns his hands to any projects thrown his way, from large scale murals up at the PEH to Guernsey postage stamps and anything in between.

2023 is very much the “year of the puffin” for James… “I’m really excited about covering my puffin in paint for such worthy causes. Also, thanks so much to Sovereign for your support” Follow James’ progress at

Ryan Dawe

Born and raised in Guernsey, Ryan started his art journey doing an Art & Design course at The Guernsey College of Further Education, before going to Southampton Solent university to study photography.

During the first lockdown in Guernsey, Ryan started painting to pass the time and to stay creative. This has now led to Ryan opening Coffee & Create on Mill Street and making art & photography his full time job.

Sally Ede-Golightly

Guernsey and London-based figurative artist, Sally Ede-Golightly, paints with oils on linen and often uses gilding as a way of highlighting certain elements of her work that appear naïve or toy-like. Her work has a loose yet realistic feel. 

Having trained as a portrait painter at London Fine Art Studios and Heatherleys School of Fine Art in Chelsea, her painting are steeped in traditional atelier methods but she uses a more contemporary palette and a language that she has developed over time. She is drawn to calm and nostalgic compositions, but often offset against intensity or chaos. While many of her pieces are based on sittings from life, she also likes to references photographs and works by other artists in her paintings.

Sally was awarded the Heatherleys Portrait Prize in 2019 by Daphne Todd OBE and later that year she had her first solo exhibition. In 2020, Sally exhibited with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and with ING Discerning Eye. In 2021 she exhibited with The Society of Women Artists. She has allso also exhibited in group exhibitons in Guernsey with the Gate House Gallery and with Le Passage Gallery in Alderney. Sally has completed numerous commissions for private individuals, galleries and for private institutions including for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

In 2021 Sally completed a portrait of Jaroslav Novak, commissioned by Art for Guernsey, as part of its cultural diplomacy project. It was unveiled by the Czech Ambassador in Guernsey and also at the embassy in London. 

In that same year Sally also completed a commission of Nicola Brink MBE, commissioned by Le Passage Gallery in Alderney. The painting was unveiled by Nicola at the opening of the galleries summer exhibition that summer.​

She is currently working towards her next solo exhibition which is planned for late 2023.

Sally is also a trained conservator of oil paintings and gilded frames and runs Ede Conservation, a fine art conservation studio based in Guernsey.

Alex Evans

Being asked to paint a Puffin I jumped at the chance. Although my painting ‘career’ has been exclusively miniatures, the opportunity to paint something larger will challenge and expand my artistic comfort zone.

Painting has been a big part of my life; it helps me calm my mind and puts me into a meditative state. Having the opportunity to use my skill to help someone other than myself is a fantastic opportunity and very humbling.

Hector, our Puffin, has shown a keen interest in the bold and bright colours of the neon revolutions from the 80’s. So let’s hope I can make them proud!

Jared Fox & Lou Petit

Jared is a local artist with a background of Graphic Design who also works at Guernsey Arts. 

His role involves the marketing design, curation and promotion of local galleries amongst other projects, the current biggest one being the Arch Art Project.

He also continues to do his own artwork and has helped in painting the boards at Vale Earth,  

He will be painting the puffin with his partner Lou Petit. 

Helen Godfrey

Hi, I’m Helen and I’ve always loved to paint and create things so when I heard there was a puffin available to paint I jumped at the chance-a huge thank you to Lince Salisbury for believing in me and allowing me to create Mullan our puffin.

During painting a colleague and dear friend of the LS team unexpectedly passed away. His name was James Mullan, who is very sorely missed. So, our puffin changed his name to Mullan and that is the significance of the Irish flag on one side of his face and the Guernsey flag on the other.

It has been an absolute delight to paint the puffin (ok as with anything there were highs and lows!) but I would recommend anyone to pick up a brush and have a go at painting something that inspires you. It has rekindled my love of all art and made me recognise the colours and textures of nature all around. Thank you Lince Salisbury and Guernsey Autism for reminding me of something so important to me.

Grow Limited

The team at GROW Limited is delighted to have been asked to paint a puffin and we are extremely grateful to Ocorian for sponsoring us. 

Grow provides training and supported employment, for people with learning disabilities and difficulties.  Art has proved a great success at GROW, helping with concentration, allowing the crew to express themselves, and a major source of relaxation.  

There was much excitement when our puffin arrived, and we have already named him Uno. 

Uno will predominately be painted in Orange, Teal, and Grey, our sponsor’s colours. Painting Uno will provide the team with a great sense of achievement and involvement within the community. 

Uno is now in the workshop waiting to be painted, everyone will be getting involved in his design and decorating him, we can’t wait to see what you think of him on parade. 

Guernsey Alzheimers Association

Guernsey Alzheimers Association’s aim is to “Care for Carers” of those whose lives are affected by dementia.   We offer advice, support, information, and activities.  

We are always keen to find new activities for people with dementia and their carers to enjoy. After our successful art project, where we produced a mural for our centre wall, we were pleased to be offered the opportunity to take part in Autism Guernsey’s Paint a Puffin.  Seeing how both the carer and those with dementia gain so much from the creative process, we are keen that this experience is repeated with painting

 “Buroo”, the name given by our sponsors Gower, to our puffin.  We can’t wait to see the decorated “Buroo” and look forward to showing him off to the public.

Guernsey 5th Scouts 

Following successful creations of beach art in recent years including a 20ft square crown in memory of our Queen, the 5th Scouts had shown enthusiasm for more art projects in order to help them achieve their Creative and Teamwork challenge badges. When the opportunity arose to decorate a puffin they jumped at it, especially as it is more of a technical challenge.

Thank you to our sponsor Sure, we look forward to getting started and raise funds for two fantastic local charities.

Sarah Harrison

I’m a watercolour artist and illustrator. When the opportunity came to be able to paint a puffin, I thought it would be a great challenge for me.  My son is autistic and I work for the GSPCA, so the causes were both close to my heart.

JT gave me a few things they wanted included in their puffin, one of which was their colours. A couple of other things, but I can’t say these as they will give away the final design!

I thoroughly enjoyed painting Charlie and it was a huge learning experience for me working with mediums I don’t usually use. I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Charlie’ in the spring sun. 

Helen Higgins & Residents

Blanchelande Park Nursing & Residential Home are painting Polly the Puffin. 

Arts and creative pursuits are an integral part of our weekly activities here at Blanchelande Park and we are firm believers that the opportunity to be creative enhances the wellbeing of our residents lives. When we were offered a Puffin to sponsor and decorate, we knew this would provide a wonderful and meaningful project that all of our residents can be a part of and they can feel proud that they are supporting a wonderful charity whilst being involved in the wider community.

Home Education Group

We are a diverse group of children of various ages all brought together by a passion for home education. We come together regularly to enjoy a wide variety of learning and creative skills so when we all got asked if we wanted to paint a massive puffin, of course we said YES. We love to learn through our passions, interests, nature and diversity of others. We enjoy spending time in nature, watching it and being a part of it.

We have made a start on painting a base coat and enjoyed getting Pedro nice and colourful as well as getting paint absolutely everywhere, on us too! We’re looking forward to adding our own unique design to Pedro.

We are really excited for this opportunity to support these great charities and are really grateful to our sponsors Adair Bungalows and Listening Heart.

Marcus Honey

From a young age I’ve had a passion for drawing. I would draw anything that took my interest at the time, usually dinosaurs or any kind of monster or beast with large teeth and menacing eyes, I was a typical ten year old boy. If I saw a creature in a book I liked, I’d draw it. If I was happy with my drawing l would stick it on my bedroom wall for all to see, and scare.

As I got older I started to copy the portraits I saw in encyclopaedias, drawing the details as accurately as I possibly could, if the drawing didn’t look good enough I’d simply rip it up and start again until I was happy with what I’d created. I carried on drawing until my adult years and started taking on various paid jobs such as custom painted leather jackets, t shirts, crash helmets and guitars which I painted using acrylics and an airbrush. I started getting commissions for portrait work using pastel pencils and gradually found a niche for drawing animals, mainly dogs, and over time developed a reputation for this. Being a dog lover this suited me and I’ve continued with this until the present day. 

I heard about the Puffin Parade through a friend. It was an honour to be accepted by Autism Guernsey to paint their own puffin this year and I’m looking forward to getting started.

Bronnie James

I am a 22 year old artist from Guernsey who started a small design business, Good Luck Coconut ( to create art that reflects my love of the gorgeous coastline and bays in the Bailiwick. Puffins are such amazing birds- they partner for life, staying together for over 20 years, and I am excited about incorporating this theme into my piece- it also fits well with my sponsor Canaccord’s core value of building lasting relationships in the island. My puffin will capture those puffins’ special moments shared together- from diving for sandeels in Puffin Bay to raising a chick in the burrows in Burhou- the perfect love story!

Victoria Kinnersly

I am a Guernsey woman, longtime interested in the visual arts, and delighted to be decorating a puffin for Appleby.  

Having studio space in a friend’s greenhouse is a great help.

Lara Klein

I’ve always loved our island and through scouting I have cultivated an adoration of the outdoors. Over the years I have combined my love of the outdoors and art. Slinky the puffin is inspired by night-swimming in the phosphorescence on a full moon. 

My days are spent with my family and cats, as well as working at the Youth Commission. 

La Mare De Carteret high school

The La Mare De Carteret high school enrichment art club welcome painting a puffin. The students ranging from 12-16 are committed artists and love to be creative in their spare time. When this opportunity came up we were very excited to be part of the collaboration with Autism Guernsey & the GSPCA.

Some students have never been involved in this type of project so are proud to seize the opportunity of being involved. Some students have close family friends who suffer with the struggles of daily life being autistic and therefore wanted to support the project. We have many talented and budding artists and this is the perfect opportunity to show their talents.

Louise Le Pelley

A Guernsey girl with dual nationality, Louise is a self-taught artist who you may recognise as being behind the @guernseypubs Instagram & Facebook art accounts. 

Fond of nostalgic storytelling, colourful illustration and the quirky charm of Island Life, Louise & Bell Alderney’s “Puff” is hoping to capture a little bit of Island Magic in support of Autism Guernsey. 

Leapfrog Recruitment Consultants

Leapfrog Recruitment Consultants have extensive experience of the Guernsey market and qualified consultants, who are committed to providing first-class career advice, making them one of Guernsey’s leading recruitment agencies. Over the years they have continued to develop the business and are able to offer a suite of services including, temporary and contract employment, outsourced HR & Payroll services, and Pre-Employment Screening. 

The children of the staff at Leapfrog Recruitment are the eager mini artists! Ages range from 1 years old to 9 years old and all are very excited to get their hands full of paint and have fun with their creation!

Le Rondin School

The artists, the children at Le Rondin school, are very excited to have the opportunity to design and decorate a puffin, sponsored by Lloyds bank. The pupils always apply great energy and enthusiasm towards art projects but this enriching experience also offers the children creative collaboration, shared celebration and pride within the island community. We are particularly pleased to be able to support such wonderful charities again, having participated in previous parades.

Our inspiration for the design derives from a favourite song, ‘We’ve got the whole world in our hands,’ which will be presented in the style of the artist, Romero Britto. We hope to bring a bold, fun, colourful addition to the puffin parade.

Liberate Art club

The Liberate Art club was formed during lockdown by Sophie Anderson and Joni Nettleship when they realised what a powerful positive impact art has on mental health. The aim is to provide a space for people to be creative for a couple of hours a week and all activities are free and optional. People are welcome to bring knitting or colouring or just sit and chat. As Sophie says “think of it as a social club with crayons.”

Listening Heart

Listening Heart is here to support you with your health challenges. Em passionately believes that you can regain your health by understanding yourself better and finding within you what is it you need to support your body’s incredible capacity to heal. Our lifestyles have such an impact on how our bodies function, Em is passionate about supporting people to feel empowered to take control of their health and feel the best version of themselves that they can.

We are all unique and have our own goals and barriers, there is no one size fits all. Em is here to hold space for you, deeply listen to what it is you need, why this is important to you and help you with how you can make these changes.

Em discovered Functional Medicine through her own health challenges and deeply resonated with the holistic approach. Em is proud to be a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA), who are regarded as leading the way with their health coaching program. As well be being a member of the UK & International Health Coaching Association.

Em is passionate in supporting people on their health journey.

Listening Heart feels very grateful to have the opportunity to give back and help support these incredibly important charities that provide so much support to the community.

Ioana Macoveanu

Ioana is an architecture and interior design graduate who is passionate about art in all its forms. She is also a self-taught artist who discovered a passion for art through both her education and extensive travels around the world; with her work focussing primarily on landscapes, still life and architecture. 

Originally from Romania, Ioana considers herself very lucky to have lived and worked in the paradise island of Herm for most of the past nine years where she has been instrumental in an ongoing programme of redesign and refurbishment of the island’s properties. 

Ioana is extremely excited to take on this project to design and paint our Herm Island puffin and is very keen to be involved in a fun community project for a fantastic cause which will hopefully be a great source of pride and representation of Herm’s beautiful island puffin colony for many years to come.

Herman the Puffin will stand proud outside Herm Island Shop for the duration of the Puffin Parade.

Tim Oldfield

I was thrown out of my art exam at school for calling Mr Cassidy ‘butch’ rather badly timed remark I guess and he was obviously in a bad mood? Art was the only subject I was any way near interested in. My step father wanted me to have a ‘real’ career so sent me to plumbing college where I passed my exams by replacing my rubbish work with pipes with a perfect display piece while the tutor was ‘out’.

I found art again about 20 years ago just sitting on my own doodling. I found it very therapeutic and gradually retaught myself until I was good enough (in my brain) to open 2 studios in Mill street, now closed. I work from home, much cheaper, and just go with the flow and thankfully people like what I do. Not that good at working to a design, has to be spontaneous, mistakes and all.


The OSA team are thrilled by the opportunity to paint our puffin, allowing us to support such an amazing cause and to have fun as a team. We will all be pitching in during the creative process and are aiming to turn our new friend, Barbélotte (Guernesiais for Puffin) into a fisherman, with a yellow jacket and Guernsey jumper.

As a company we are always community minded, since as a consultative agency, our careers revolve around trying to help people, aiming to offer them the best opportunities possible. Having just celebrated our 35th anniversary last year, this is a perfect chance to give back to the island that we all call home.

Isabella Powis

My name is Isabella Powis. I am a year 8 pupil at Les Beaucamp High School. I was diagnosed with Autism in July 2017, and have been supported by Autism Guernsey since 2016.  I love raising money for Autism Guernsey and helping out at events.

My passion is Art and all things creative and crafty. I am very good at French and music in school. I also love space and all things ducks!

Samantha Roberts

My name is Sam and I work at Resolution IT, I love to craft in my spare time and have crazy ideas about what to make next, when the opportunity came to design the Resolution puffin I felt we needed to have a design that reflected our values and goals.

Once the final design was in my head I called upon a highly talented and skilled animator to help me, my daughter Jamie, who is also extremely creative and loves to craft. So there we were, on Boxing Day in the kitchen at home giving Pat his character.

Pat then went on a journey to have his vinyl waistcoat fitted at Dowding Signs, Dave was so patient and understanding in helping me achieve Pat’s final look, so with his suitcase packed he is now ready for his travels.

Pat has his own QR code sticker on his suitcase that can be scanned to find out more about the amazing Guernsey Puffin Parade.

Athene Sholl

Jeweller Athene Sholl makes each piece by hand in her St Peter Port studio using sterling silver, 9ct and 18ct gold. Inspired by the natural beauty in the world around us, Athene designs collections which celebrate the delightful and fabulous irregularities of nature (we like to call it wonkiness). 

With a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery from London Guildhall University – Sir John Cass (1996), Athene has been designing and making jewellery since 1991, and has been represented by 35 galleries, boutiques and museum shops across the British Isles. Her current fascinations are colour theory and how that affects our daily lives, and the mathematical details of natural surface details. 

St. Mary and St. Michael Primary School

The children from St. Mary and St. Michael Primary School are excited to be painting their own puffin for the Guernsey Puffin Parade. The children involved are between the ages of 7-11 years old and will be creating the puffin design as part of an after-school art club.

As an inclusive and nurturing school, we are delighted to be supporting Autism Guernsey and the GSPCA. We aim to make people smile with our unique and colourful design. Our PTFA are currently running a competition to name our Puffin, which we are looking forward to sharing with you all. Our eager artists cannot wait to show off their imaginative creation. Thank you to Zedra for sponsoring our school!

St Stephens Players

St Stephens Players. We are essentially known for pantomimes, but we also love to get involved in other local initiatives. Having this opportunity to paint a puffin for the 2023 trail and to support such an amazing cause is something we are incredibly proud to be a part of. Having such a love of creativity, this is something we feel we can have a lot of fun with and are very excited to be able to put ourselves in to the wider community.

The most natural choice of design for us in painting this puffin had to be pantomime, our 2022 pantomime, Red Riding Hood being the unanimous choice. We felt that there could be no better way to express who St Stephens Players are than by incorporating this element of fun into this puffin, something hopefully that people of all ages can look at and smile.

Thank you to Jo May at JML Compliance Solutions for giving St Stephens Players the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing initiative.

Rob Sweeney

I am a local artist and teacher. I think this is a unique community project and evidence of it’s success is the number of goats from the last time this project was done still dotted around the island.

Art should be fun and this is also for such a worthwhile cause.

Myself and ELM Compliance Consultants are really excited about producing our puffin for this event.


Toiler the Puffin is our 2022 creation to celebrate the success of Victor Hugo and based around his book Toilers of the Sea, the feature film being made and the comic that has just been released.

The design for Toiler the Puffin is going to made up of two halves. One side being dark and destructive and the other light and calming. There will also be an additional twist allowing Toiler to be seen glowing in the night.

Toiler the Puffin will find rest in our Swoffers reception until the Grand Auction.

Therapy & Enabling Team

We are the Therapy and enabling Team (formerly Adult Disability Day Service) and we provide support for Adults with a learning disability to undertake meaningful activities, support for voluntary jobs and day to day living skills.  We also provide support for physio, gym and beneficial therapies.   We have recently developed a learning hub which offers an educational service to those who may not currently have daily support and also for those that need to gain life skills.

We have chosen to sponsor a puffin this year as we enjoyed painting the goat so much last year and we were not lucky enough to win it in the auction.  The service users found it exciting and were able to get so much from the sessions painting and it brought everyone together and even those who find it difficult to engage.  This year we wanted to sponsor one so we could design and paint one ourselves and also donate to a good cause and hopefully at the end be able to bring it home to our centre!

Two Degrees North

‘Two Degrees North is a highly regarded, award-winning design studio based in Guernsey that’s been bringing brands to life for local and international companies since 2004. Two Degrees North Creative Director, Chris Griffiths, is an accomplished illustrator and artist and he will be working on the artwork for the Puffin alongside his wife Michelle, a Graphic Designer, who will also bring her artistic flair and creativity to the project.

The pair previously worked together on the design of ‘Jean Paul Goatier’ for Isabelle Vets for the Golden Guernsey Goat Parade in 2021.  

Two Degrees North are very proud to be involved in the Puffin Parade in collaboration with sponsors, Ravenscroft, and are really looking forward to working on what promises to be a very exciting design that will be inspired by nature.’

Vision Support Centre

When we heard about the Puffin Parade we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for our service users to get involved with the decorating of one, and for them to know it is being proudly displayed within the community, to show that a visual impairment need not be a barrier to participation.  Our Thursday Social Group will primarily be responsible for the decorating of the Puffin.

The Guernsey Blind Association was formed in 1919 by two local ladies who found that there was a lack of help locally for those with a visual impairment.  The Association is still here 103 years later to support all islanders within the Bailiwick living with sight loss.  This can be both emotional and practical so that they can maintain independent living at home, in school and the workplace.

Our Puffin is kindly sponsored by Lovell Ozanne & Partners Limited and will be named Neville in memory of the first young boy whom the charity supported for the duration of his life.

Jilly Wright & Jill Vaudin

Friends Jilly Wright and Jill Vaudin got together during the first lockdown and started creating funky,  modern mosaics with tiles and pottery.

Martyn Guille commissioned the two ‘J’s’ to mosaic his new toilet block at his Silver Workshop at Les Vauxbelets and has now asked them to mosaic Macareux for the Autism Puffin Parade.

We are excited to meet the Puffin and get started.