The Puffin Parade will be a community project organised by Autism Guernsey and GSPCA. Everyone can get involved in some way.

Local businesses and individuals are invited to sponsor and name a puffin and the puffins will be decorated by local artists, clubs and community groups, schools, charities and day centres. Each puffin will be unique.

The puffins will be fitted to plinths and plaques will be fixed to the plinths detailing the names of the puffin, sponsor and designer/painter.

By ‘adopting’ one of the puffins, the company name will be presented in a totally different way. Positioned in locations all over the island, the puffins will be immediately striking, eye-catching and memorable. They will have genuine ‘stopping power’. We know from the previous parades that visitors and locals enjoy seeing all the animals and that footfall increases in those locations where the animals are placed.

This is a major community project with high impact. The puffins shall be ‘on parade’ for approximately 5 months and will inevitably attract considerable media interest.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to brief the ‘artist’ on the design of their puffin to ensure the design reflects their particular business. The only stipulation is that the design does not include names or logos since these could limit the attraction to potential bidders at the auction.

There will be the option for the sponsor to bid for their puffin at auction after the parade so that it can take up permanent residence in the organisation, subject to planning.